Fearless Clothing

MC Fearless is a name instantly recognisable to every jungle and drum and bass enthusiast worldwide.

When Fearless takes the mic, his unique tone and flow set him apart from his peers. He’s been in the game from the beginning and has literally seen and done it all.

Fearless began his MC career in the sound system circuit, performing to Ragga and Rare Groove. After hearing Acid House for the first time, he connected with The Brainkillers and DJ Red Ant, who had a show on the pirate radio station Innocent FM. It was here that he started to hone his skills. Shortly after Innocent FM folded, Fearless was headhunted by the team behind the legendary weekend Rush FM. This station transformed the rookie MC and set him on the path to success. In 1989, he took his MCing to another level when he met Kenny Ken, the King of Jungle, at a Time Tunnel event at Slammers in Gravesend, Kent. In 1993, he caught the attention of the legendary Drum & Bass outfit AWOL. Teaming up with his good friend MC GQ, they hosted the seminal nights at the Paradise Club. The culture at AWOL resonated with Fearless, emphasizing fun, community, and the shared experience of dancing all night to fresh dubs dropped by the DJs. AWOL cemented Fearless’s name in the minds of all DnB fans across the UK. From there, he appeared at legendary nights across the UK and Europe, including World Dance, One Nation, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Accelerated Culture, United Dance, and many more.

Attributing his long-term success to professionalism, commitment, and consistency, MC Fearless has been a DnB MC for 25 years and remains in high demand. He has performed with every notable name in the industry, including Fabio, Grooverider, Mampi Swift, Kenny Ken, Randall, Jumpin Jack Frost, Ellis Dee, DJ Hype, Hazard, and Zinc. His talents have been officially recognised nationally and internationally, earning him the Best Crowd Hype MC award six times.

Fearless continues to perform worldwide, including in the UK, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, and the USA. He is committed to spreading the vibe of Drum and Bass and Jungle in the best way he knows how.

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